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Jason Smith is the lead engineer and owner of Computer Repair In Reading, previously known as Super IT.

Jason commenced his official career in IT at Thames Water providing IT support in-house to a department of approximately 150 staff. The IT team Jason was a member of at TW was responsible for providing support to the department’s database as well as the desktop environment, whilst maintaining the server backups. The desktop support comprised of providing fault resolution for all desktop computer, laptop and printer problems.

When time permitted Jason also completed projects such as in-depth costing of work done by the staff and analysis of working practices to enable the development of more efficient work processes. One of these analysis sessions resulted in Jason making a simple recommendation that saved approximately half of the staff about 1 hour per day, giving a saving of roughly 75 man-hours per day across the department. Jason used his previous accounting experience along with his knowledge of IT to provide management with valuable insights into these areas.

The software in use at the time was Windows 2000 and Novell Networks, on HP Proliant servers. The printers were an important part of the kit in use and there was a desktop printer on every desk as well as several network printers : HP, Canon and Oki printers were in use.

After several years at Thames Water Jason moved on to a company that provided IT support to other companies. In his role there Jason supported the staff of the company comprising 5 office staff and two teams of engineers out on the road, as well as the customers of this IT support company. Remote and on-site visits were required in this role. Eventually this company went into liquidation but the owner sub-contracted Jason out to another company whereby Jason was responsible for building and configuring MSANs (Multi-Service Access Nodes) which were replacing the older DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers). Basically the new (at the time) MSANs were being rolled out in BT exchanges across London at first, and then nationwide, to enable a service that we now (at the time of writing this) are all using – IP TV.

Jason has worked for several different IT support companies since then, travelling all over the south of England, and helping all kinds of different businesses. Until his most recent and last employed position back in 2007 where Jason was the network administrator of a company with a turn over of £350m per year.

Jason was responsible for ensuring the network and servers were all fully functional with maximum uptime. He also supervised and mentored a small team of 3 staff who provided desktop support, e-commerce and web-development. Never one to implement change for change’s sake, Jason did still notice and acted upon all possible improvements to the working practices and configuration of the IT system in general. This resulted in increased speed and stability of the desktop environment for many users in this company of approximately 100 staff. The environment in this company was Windows XP on the desktop with Windows 2003 Servers, which were Dell Poweredge, and Active Directory, with Microsoft Exchange and a separate SQL server as well. We used Cisco IP phones and also had a door control system to administer / support.

Big plans were made for expansion of the company and amalgamation of the group’s activities into a central location near Heathrow meant Jason was being exposed to all the latest technology and being given more and more responsibility.
Two staff members were flown into the UK from the parent company’s HQ abroad and the three of them set about configuring the network and servers in the new base in Hayes.
Unfortunately the company shut down a few months later, which wasn’t good for Jason at the time. This was good, however, for the people of Reading though as now they had an IT support engineer with a great and varied experience that he could now use to benefit many companies, organisations and home users in the Reading area.

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