Data Recovery

Data recovery is a service most computer owners are going to require at one time or another. Computer Repair In Reading are more likely to be successful when recovering a customer’s data if the computer or hard drive has been switched off and not used as soon as it becomes apparent that data loss has occurred. This is especially true if the data has been deleted. Also, if the hard drive is failing, eg making a clicking noise, then turn it off immediately if you have important data on there. This way we can perform data recovery on a hard drive that still has some life left in it, as opposed to one that is completely dead.

Data recovery is not always successful, but we can recover your data from most situations. A lot of computer users experience a computer or laptop that completely dies at some point, mistakenly believing that their data has gone with it. If the laptop or computer is completely dead it would be highly unlikely that data recovery would fail. In fact the chances of successful data recovery in this situation is extremely high.

Loss of data is probably the most distressing of issues that can be faced by a computer or laptop owner. For a business it can be catastrophic. According to the statistics 90% of businesses that lose all of their historical emails due to failure of one or more hard drives coupled with not having a reliable backup go out of business within 12 months. Staggering isn’t it?

What about those pictures of the grandchildren? Or your honeymooon? Or that fantastic once in a lifetime holiday? How about your emails? Are they on a server somewhere or just on your laptop or computer? Invoices? Other important documents? If you do not have these things backed up you will lose them WHEN your hard drive fails. Not IF, but WHEN.

If this has happened to you already then we can help. Call 07879 476 399 to speak to an engineer.

If you are lucky and it hasn’t happened, please make sure you have adequate backups running so that you won’t lose any data when you do lose a hard drive. Please get in touch if you need any help setting up your backups.

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