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Computer Repairs In Reading can come to your home days, evenings or even weekends.

Common problems we are called to fix at our customers’ homes include:

  • Internet not working at all or running slowly
  • Problems sending and or receiving emails, as well as new email set up and forgotten passwords
  • Forgotten passwords to log in to the computer or laptop
  • Computer or laptop not switching on
  • Printing problems including setting up wireless printers
  • Data recovery – whether your computer or laptop has completely died, you have accidentally deleted something or even if you have inadvertently initiated a full system recovery, deleting all the files and programs on your computer and reinstalling the original software back to factory settings, we can still normally recover your data.
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement and repairs (yes – we can repair laptop keyboards)
  • Virus / malware / adware / spyware / trojan / worm / root kit removal, cleaning up
  • Computer running slowly
  • Cannot connect to wireless – we can set up your wifi /wireless network
  • Backups (we all have something we would be upset to lose from our laptop or pc : pictures, music, video, self employed documents, emails, etc..)
  • Upgrades including bigger hard drives and RAM /Memory upgrades


The above is just a selection of the services we can perform. Most fixes are carried out in one hour or less. We can normally come to you the same day.

We often get calls to customers where they have had a problem for a while and have ignored it until their pc or laptop became un-useable. This is a shame when this happens as, although we never fail to diagnose the problem, the initial problem is often a quicker and cheaper fix than what it culminates in. A common example of this is when the computer or laptop will not shut down in the normal manner and the owner is forced to use the power button to switch it off. This is invariably a software problem that we can diagnose and fix quickly, with no data loss for the customer. If the customer uses the power button to switch off the computer or laptop one too many times then the hard disk can become corrupted or irreparably damaged, which can cause data loss. In our experience data loss is the most distressing of computer problems for a computer owner as irrecoverable data loss is, by it’s very nature and as it’s name suggests “not recoverable”. Two simple steps to avoid this distressing situation :

  1. Ensure you have a reliable backup
  2. When you have a problem, especially as described above, don’t put it off, but get it fixed now

If you have any of the problems detailed above with your laptop or computer, or indeed any computer-related issues or faults at all, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 07879 476 399. We would be only too happy to help



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