SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Opimization (or SEO) is the process by which we attempt to get a website to show as high up as possible in the search engine results. Typically this is Google, but others of note are Yahoo and Bing. Most other search engines either take their results from these search engines or are not big enough to worry about.

All else being equal, the higher your website appears in the results then the more clicks you will get, and hence the more sales, or more phone calls or whatever your website is attempting to achieve.

We can help to get your website further up the rankings and hence increase your revenue. If you are just planning on having a website built then this is perfect, as we can advise on the best way to do this to maximize the position you attain in Google results (and the others). If you already have a website then we can also advise you on what needs to be done. The more competitive your market then the more work needs to be done.

We can carry out keyword research to identify keywords that you may have missed – do you really know what your customers are looking for? You being an expert in your field means that you quite often don’t have quite the same insights as your not so expert customers do.

We recently carried out a (brief) keyword analysis for a client who was ranking No. 1 on Google for their chosen keyword. The trouble was there were only 170 searches per month for that keyword. We identified a particular keyword that they were not targeting which had over 1 million searches per month. I guess this illustrates the value of keyword research. Keyword research is best carried out before you build your site, but we can always advise of changes to improve your results, and hence increase your sales and profits.

Some times changing a couple of words on your site is enough, but other times more drastic changes are required.

We carry out off-page SEO as well, which is quite often far more important than the on-page SEO. This means things that are not on your website themselves, but on other websites that talk about and link to your site. Things like Facebook, Twitter, backlinks, directories etc..

We only use white-hat techniques and this year some of the black-hat guys have lost out due to the Google updates.

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